Dear Dead Kazneal

Dear Dead Kazneal

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Dear Dead Kazneal


What is Dear Dead Kazneal

Vocaloid project by sound creator Hisashi Tenkyu. All performers and music video creators are freelance creators. A different creator will be involved in each song, and the proceeds will be returned to the creators.

To the end of this road

3 missions
“Dear Dead Kazneal”

3 missions of “Dear Dead Kazneal”

Support freelance creators

The proceeds from music sales will be returned to participating creators, proposing a new form of music business that is sustainable for freelance creators.

Support for fan arts

We aim to further develop the culture of derivative works by monetizing their creation through “Me singing,” “Me playing,” “Me drawing,” “Me dancing,” etc. using YouTube, NFT, etc.

Pursuit of unprecedented music

We will confront our own creativity and explore the creation of songs that are always new and exciting.

"To the end of this road feat. MERROW"
Call for Collaboration Art.


Distribution of karaoke files and sheet music, as well as updates, are available on Discord.